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How Can You Help IHI?

Women are the foundation of the Haitian household and play an important role. IHI has been working to help fight women's cancer in Haiti, specifically breast and cervical cancer as cancer is the second killer of woman in Haiti.

Ever wonder how you can help? There are multiple methods:

1. Sponsor A Women

2. Donate to our Generosity campaign

3. Purchase an "Expressions of Life" book

4. Share the work that we do with the people around you (on and off-line). Your friends, coworkers, family, etc...

1. Sponsor A Woman

We have a Sponsor a Woman program that directly helps the women in our cancer program.

Sponsoring a woman in our program means that your contribution will cover the costs for her complete breast cancer diagnosis and treatment which also includes her chemotherapy treatment. For $1500, you can fully support a woman's healthcare. We will match you with a woman in need of care, and provide you with updates on every step of her progress and recovery. You can become a support system for her and change her life.

2. Donate to our Generosity campaign

We started a fundraising campaign on Generosity for our entire breast cancer program in Haiti. Many of our patients aren't able to afford care and often come to us when it is too late. We want to provide cancer care and treatment to the women that need it the most while maintaining it at a low price. So many women’s lives could have been saved if only they had access to treatment for their cancer and we want to help. Help IHI continue to provide cancer treatment like chemotherapy and so many others to Haitian women. Your donation can save a life.

3. Purchase an "Expressions of Life" book

The book "Expressions of Life" by Nektarios Markogiannis and Nadia Todres was made in partnership with IHI and tells the story of women living with breast cancer in Haiti. Buy your copy today for $35! The book ships free within the US.

4. Share our work

Donations help a lot but you can also help by sharing the work that IHI is doing both online and offline. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share our work with the people around you; your friends, coworkers, family, etc..

Check out our website and see the multiple ways in which you can help IHI.


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