Help us change community health in Haiti and make a difference today!


Currently, we have zero overhead costs outside of Haiti. Your entire donation will go to help empower the communities that we work with. Please dig to deep to reach out. Each extra little bit that you give means a big difference in Haiti.  

​We're not just treating patients. We're building local capacity so that the next generation doesn't need any outside help. We're truly committed to making a long-term difference. We don't have any staff outside of Haiti and we purchase as much as possible locally to stimulate the local economy.


Support our Cancer Program

Our Women's Cancer Program offers life-saving surgery, chemotherapy and hormone therapy and facilitates access to radiation therapy for all of our patients regardless of their ability to pay.


We also focus on cervical cancer prevention and women's cancer awareness and engagement.


You can donate any amount!


Sponsor A Woman

Interested in sponsoring a woman in our program and covering her costs for complete breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, including chemotherapy? For $1500, you can fully support a woman's healthcare. We will match you with a woman in need of care, and update you on her progress. Click below to get paired up with a patient today! 


Purchase "Expressions of Life"

Expressions of Life, by Nektarios Markogiannis and Nadia Todres in partnership with IHI, tells the story of women living with breast cancer in Haiti. Buy your copy today for $35! The book ships free within the US.


Donate in Honor or Memory of Someone


You can make a tax-deductible donation to IHI in honor or in memory of someone to show how much you care, while also contributing to a great cause. 


We'll ask you for honoree information  before you check out.


Global Giving

Global Giving is helping us fundraise for our Breast Cancer Program in Haiti. 


They are a website that helps organizations raise money for their selected projects.

You can donate to our program down below!


If you ever want to mail us anything, please do not hesitate.

Our US mailing address is listed down below.

Mailing Address

PO Box 575

Pompano Beach, FL 33061

With the exception of a receipt for your donation or purchase, no additional mail or letters will be sent to you. We do not sell donor information.

Your name will not be added to any mailings, notices, pleas, petitions, surveys, ads, solicitations, promotions or anything of the like.