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JBF Global Ambassador Tour

Innovating Health International had a atrium dedication ceremony for the Jack Brewer Foundation as well as a clinic day for 250 people during the JBF Global Ambassador Tour. Jack has been a long time partner, investor, board member and friend of IHI which is why we deemed it important to have this ceremony for his foundation. Along with the dedication ceremony was JBF's Global Ambassador Trip, where they were able to bring healthcare to over 750 women and children in Haiti over the course of 4 days (June 19-22, 2018).

On June 22, IHI had a clinic day where we able to see adults for dental and internal medicine consultation and children were able to receive dental and pediatric consultations. We were also able to screen 53 women for cervical cancer. We did 200 teeth cleanings and had 120 doctor visits.

All these services can be a luxury for many in Haiti. On this day, we were able to provide treatment and healthcare for children and adults who otherwise would not be able to have those services.

Huge thank you again to all that worked tirelessly and made this day possible, especially everyone at the Jack Brewer Foundation! We would not have been able to help and provide health care & treatment to those in need. All efforts are appreciated!


DONATE to IHI so we can continue to have these opportunities and continue to provide treatment for those that are in the most need.


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Phone: (509)4885-6148


Address: Tabarre 58, Boulevard 15 Octobre (across from Sun Auto).


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