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IHI's New Creole Website

We have a recently launched a new creole,, that is focused on women's cervical and breast cancer in Haiti. The website is geared towards the Haitian medical community as well as the general population. Since working in Haiti, we thought it was important to have an online space where people could easily find information about women's cancer care. The website is simply written and categorized for easy understanding.


As previously mentioned, the website is primarily focused on women's cancer care, specifically breast and cervical cancer given its rise among Haitian women. Kanseayiti offers information on breast and cervical cancer ranging from the causes, preventative methods, treatment options and much more.

The website is a great platform for people in Haiti to have access to information about women's cancer care, education, awareness materials and so much more. We aim to provide well-rounded information to both medical professionals and the average Haitian person on cancer care, patient support, the treatment IHI provides, education materials and more.

Please visit the website for more information!

Check it out:

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