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Update on Yeye

In the NY Times article, Donald Trump vs. Women' Health one of our cervical cancer patients Yeye was featured and shared her story dealing with the illness. Since then, we've received your generous donations to help support Yeye's treatment and her children's school expenses.

We wanted to give an update on the advancements that have been made so far. All three of Yeye's kids are going back to school on September 4th! Their school fees have been paid for the entire year by IHI's donors, coming to a total of $550 (US). Yeye has finished with her chemotherapy treatment and currently has minimal traces of the disease. She will soon be heading to the Dominican Republic for radiation therapy for the duration of 6 weeks.


We want to thank you for your immense help in Yeye and her children's lives. It is with your help that she is able to get chemotherapy and now receive radiation therapy.

For our cervical cancer patients who cannot afford to get radiation therapy, we are working on launching a new program for surgical interventions. More information soon to come!

You can check out our blogpost on the New York Times article here.

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