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Patient Support Group

Women are at the forefront of the Haitian household and society yet they always put their health last. Breast cancer and cervical cancer have been the leading causes of death of women in Haiti. Since we provide care and treatment for women’s cancer, specifically for breast and cervical cancer, we also implemented a support group for our patients.

Twice a month, our educator and counselor Yolette heads a support group meeting for our patients. The support group provides a safe space for our cancer patients and allows them to share their experiences. They are also able to find support among people that understand what they are going through.

Cancer is still very taboo in the Haitian society. The support groups is a great way for our patients to see that they are not alone in this fight and that being diagnosed doesn’t automatically mean death. We have patients that are in different stages of their treatment which allows some of our new patients to see other cases and survivors.

The support group meetings have become a central part of our organization and our patient care. Check out some pictures above!


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