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Our Holiday Campaign Launches on November 29th.

In the past year, the number of patients IHI has treated for cancer has doubled. Our communication and outreach initiatives, which we have conducted with community-based organizations and communities in Haiti, have led to an increase in the number of women coming in to our program for breast cancer treatment.

Cancer causes one in every eight deaths worldwide, with the vast majority of these deaths occurring in developing countries like Haiti. The diagnosis of cancer is especially devastating for patients and their families in Haiti, where treatment options are scarce and expensive. IHI is committed to fighting breast and cervical cancers in Haiti, where the burden of these diseases is extremely large. We are seeking funds to reduce mortality rates and health inequalities by focusing on increasing availability of our treatment program to women who need our services. Additionally, we are committed to increasing our intensive outreach programs throughout the country to catch these diseases at earlier stages.

To read more about what you can do, check out our fundraising brochure below. Our holiday campaign officially launches on #GivingTuesday, November 29th!

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