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Strike Shuts Down All Public Hospitals in Haiti. We Need Your Help!

Public hospitals in Haiti primarily serve the poor. Medical staff striking due to depleting medical supplies, dismal pay and poor working conditions have caused these hospitals to shut down.

Haitians who desperately need medical care and cannot afford the high rates of many private doctors are now heading in even higher numbers to clinics run by international organizations. IHI’s breast cancer program is no exception. It is currently one of only two operational and accessible services in the country. The other center is also struggling to admit new patients; wait lists are weeks long.

Over the last three months, IHI's cancer program has seen a three-fold increase in the number of women coming to the clinic for help. Our physicians and nursing staff are handling the increase very well through tighter scheduling and more efficient patient on-boarding. However, the situation is not sustainable.

IHI's Women’s Cancer Program is in urgent need of your help. The program needs $25,000 to purchase medical supplies such as IV fluids, gloves and gauze. The program also needs to order in a new shipment of chemotherapy to reach Haiti by the end of August. Your donation can help us save a life today at this crucial moment where many Haitian women have nowhere else to go.

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