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Introducing Innovating Health International

Innovating Health International (IHI) is the new name of the Women’s Cancer Program in Haiti. You have supported us in the past and we hope that you continue to do so under our new name. The same compassionate team of doctors and nurses will continue to treat people of all socioeconomic backgrounds under the banner of IHI.

We also have a beautiful new Women’s Cancer Center that is treating more patients than ever before. IHI has moved to St. Luke’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince, right next to the US Embassy. The new center has three buildings, air conditioning, bathrooms, offices, a patient support meeting room, and a specialized chemotherapy mixing hood. If we could do all those amazing things before without electricity or running water, imagine what we can do in our new modern center!

The program has begun treating all types of cancer on a daily basis, from breast to colon to ovarian and head/neck. We’ve also launched a breast reconstruction program to offer all women the option of having breast restorative surgery after mastectomy, an important step in reducing stigma.

IHI will continue to guarantee access to cancer care for all those in need, but only with your support.

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