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Relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

In partnership with Haiti Air Ambulance (HAA), IHI has been on the ground in the south of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew swept through the region. The team of physicians at HAA and IHI were the first to visit Port-Salut and Jeremie since the hurricane passed on Thursday, October 6. The hospitals in Les Cayes, Jeremie, and Port-Salut are functioning and, so far, the patients have mostly presented with illnesses independent of the hurricane. There are a lot of injuries; however, the impact has been less than we anticipated. Unfortunately, no one has visited the far west region of the country yet. Our efforts have and will continue to focus on helping our patients in the aftermath of the hurricane.

To view more images and videos from our trip to the areas affected by Hurricane Matthew, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

We are grateful for all of those who, near and far, have already contributed to our efforts. To contribute to our ongoing hurricane relief efforts, donate today. Any amount helps as we continue to help those who will continue to be impacted by the effects of Hurricane Matthew in the coming days, weeks and months.

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